Every year, motorsport fans have a plethora of hundreds of events to choose from. Whether it’s racing on two wheels or four, local or abroad, every event is unique. As are the fans. Some are happy to get stuck into a muddy weekend of camping with a few beers, while others prefer to live it up in five-star luxury, making the most of hospitality’s free-flowing champagne.

Whether you’re looking to take the first step into live motor racing, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for your next adventure, with so much variety on offer, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

That’s why Motorsport Tickets has developed a new interactive quiz to help you decide which events you should be considering.

Simply use the Which Grand Prix Are You? quiz on this page and answer the ten questions. They range from where you would prefer to stay during a race weekend, how far you are willing to travel, down to what matters to you on the track. The algorithm will then produce a top three races from around the world in Formula 1, MotoGP or WEC that are best suited to you. You can then go ahead and book tickets right away or receive email ticket alerts when your event goes on sale.

Take the quiz below and be sure to share your result on social media when you’ve completed the test using the hashtag #WhichGP.

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