You’ve booked your first trip to Australia’s Grand Prix, and now you’re planning what to pack.

Whether it’s your first trip to Australia, your first trip to a Grand Prix, or both, it’s always important to pack right to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

When is the Australian Grand Prix 2021?

The Australian Grand Prix usually takes place every year, around March. However, this year will be a little different due to the current pandemic, meaning the Australian Grand Prix for 2021 will now be held in November. The Grand Prix will be hosted in Melbourne on the 21st. Check out the circuit map to learn more.

What to Take on Your First Trip

• A Variety of Clothes

November in Melbourne is Spring, which means the weather can be quite changeable. It could be warm and bright – the perfect weather for taking in the Grand Prix – but it could also easily begin to rain or become cold.

With this in mind, packing for layers is a good idea, so you have clothes for every weather, and a dependable raincoat with a hood is a good idea so you can stay dry.

• Headphones

As a spectator, a great way to get immersed in the action is to listen to the race commentary. Having a personal device, you can use to listen to the F1 app or tune into the commentary on your chosen radio station is a must, with a dependable set of headphones you can easily use, and which aren’t going to be too bulky. Brands like Sennheiser have a great in-ear range.

• Stick to Your Budget

Concentrating so much on taking everything you need or worrying about being without something can easily mean you can slip over budget. While it’s important to take the essentials, it’s also important to never spend more than you need to (which also means more money to spend when you’re actually in Australia!).

If you need help packing, you should take a look at the travel pack tool from CashLady, it can help you plan what to pack with your budget in mind.

Always be sure to plan for your ultimate travel pack based on your decided budget.

• Sunglasses

You don’t want to risk missing all the action because you have to squint against the sun! Remember to take your favourite pair of shades to be able to see your team race, and keep your eyes protected.

• Sunscreen

You’ll be standing out in the sun to take in the race, so you need to make sure to avoid sunburn and damage. Even if it’s a cloudy day, you can be at risk of too much sun exposure, so packing sunscreen is a must.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Your First Australian Grand Prix

• Look out for other events. There may be a lot happening alongside the official Grand Prix, such as other races or even celebrity appearances. Make sure to check ahead of time for what else is happening that you can enjoy.

• Don’t rush to leave. After the race is over, it’s expected to want to beat the crowds and traffic and head out as quickly as possible. However, the event gives plenty of time to leave at your own pace, so slow down and take in your environment to make the best of it!

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