In the round-up: Racing Point technical director Andrew Green isn’t convinced the two-day race weekend format trialled at Imola was a change for the better.

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The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix featured just one practice session before qualifying, which Green said didn’t suit Racing Point’s way of working:

On a sample of one I’m not too keen on it. I think from our perspective, we do use the Friday session to our advantage. We use the running, the learning from the tyres is something that we spend a lot of time preparing for on the Friday, getting the data that’s required on a Friday in order to analyse it on the Friday night to be able to come out on Saturday with the best possible package.

So we did miss that and I think if we did more of those two-day weekends, we’d have to change the way we work. It’s not sympathetic with the way that we work at the moment and we weren’t going to change, we couldn’t change, for one race. But I think if it was going to go that way then we’d have to change.

Whether it’s [right for] Formula 1 or not, it felt very different, for sure. It’s difficult to say, really. I don’t want to be one of these people who just doesn’t like change but I didn’t feel as though it was a positive change. It didn’t seem to bring anything to the show, apart from just making everything shorter. And I’m not sure that when we get back to the post-Covid grands prix, whether that’s going to work with two-day weekends with accessing the fans and putting on a show.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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