Team boss, Andreas Seidl and technical boss, James Key pay tribute to their colleagues as, in addition to the challenge of dealing with COVID protocols, McLaren has changed engine supplier.

This season sees McLaren partner with its third engine supplier in four seasons as the Woking outfit re-partners with Mercedes.

While such a move would prove demanding at the best of times, other than dealing with the strict protocols demanded in the battle against the pandemic, due to the 2020 cars basically being carried over, McLaren – with more than a little help from Mercedes – has had to adapt its car accordingly.

“Despite relatively stable technical regulations from 2020, there are several significant aerodynamic changes to the rules that are important to get right,” said technical boss, James Key. “Every change to these regulations presents an opportunity, and the team in Woking has been working incredibly hard in difficult conditions to maximise those opportunities.

“One of the key elements of the MCL35M is the integration of the Mercedes-AMG power unit, which has taken a considerable effort from the team in Woking, as well as our colleagues at Mercedes.

“Despite our limited scope for installation in a homologated car, the team has done a fantastic job of optimising our design work.

“Building a Formula 1 car is never easy,” he admits, in a masterpiece of understatement. “These are the fastest and most technically complex racing cars in the world and that challenge has only been compounded by the covid-19 pandemic. Over the past year, the team in the factory has been subject to incredibly strict, rigorous testing and working procedures aimed at keeping our people safe. I’m immensely proud of how our incredible group of people has risen to this challenge and developed the best possible package.”

“All of us at McLaren are ready and determined for another season of intensely competitive racing,” added team boss, Andreas Seidl. “The entire team has worked hard over the short winter, together with our colleagues from Mercedes-AMG, to produce a strong car for our drivers this year.

“This has been no small challenge,” he admits, “and I want to thank every member of our team, whether at the MTC or working remotely, for the massive effort they’ve put in. Lando and Daniel will, I know, do their very best to represent the team out on track.

“We’re all extremely pleased by how Lando has developed from test and development driver in 2017, to Britain’s youngest podium finisher in 2020. His passion and experience for the sport are growing hand-in-hand, and he’s now one of the fastest and most exciting racing drivers on the grid.

“Daniel represents our next step as a team and his decision to join McLaren is a validation of the progress we’re making. As a proven race-winner and formidable competitor, Daniel brings energy and experience to push McLaren forward on our mission to the front of the field.

“Together, Lando and Daniel comprise one of the most competitive driver line-ups in the sport. With these two behind the wheel of the MCL35M, we know we’ll have a team that gives total commitment in the pursuit of on-track performance as we head into the 2021 season.”

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