Sainz, who finished sixth in the championship with McLaren for the past two years, has joined Ferrari for the

Carlos obviously played a very important role in our journey in the last three years. He came to the team after a really difficult period for the team and then really from the first outing onwards, his test in Abu Dhabi two years ago, he gave it all for us both inside the car as a driver.

Also outside the car, in terms of the working relationship and also attitude he had towards the engineers, I think he was very important when it came to giving input regarding the development direction we had to take with the car.

So he was a very important asset. In the end the points he collected with us in these two years speak for itself and the result we could achieve as a team in the constructors championship.

What was impressive for me, to be honest, never having worked with Carlos beforehand, is to see how he was approaching race weekends, how focussed he is during race weekends, how he’s going into this zone and then simply pulling it off when it mattered, both in qualifying in the race. He’s very strong when it comes to executing the race. He’s very strong in keeping the overview, finding the right balance between risk and reward on track.

If you see what he did this year, the first laps he did, seeing how many positions he could make up many, many times in the first lap, overtaking moves he did, the way he’s managing the tyres together with his race engineer, obviously, which is a big challenge, is impressive.

So I think he has everything he needs to become a top driver in Formula 1. He’s moving now to Ferrari after the two year things with us so we wish him all the best there. And as I’ve said, we’ll give it all to make sure we beat him on track.
Andreas Seidl

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