Just days into the job, new F1 boss Stefano Domenicali is already making his presence felt as race start times are set to return to the original 14:00 kick-off.

Other than the logo and theme tune, one of the first moves Liberty Media made on securing control of F1 was to change race start times from the traditional 14:00 to 15:10.

The move, which was introduced in 2018, was intended to aid broadcasters in their preparations for the event whilst also making them a little more (time) friendly for fans in the sport’s new owner’s back yard.

“Some broadcasters usually go on air precisely on the hour,” said F1 at the time, explaining the decision, “hence missing the tension and emotion that characterize the minutes before the start of each Grand Prix.

“Thanks to this change, television viewers will be brought closer to the teams and the drivers and fully enjoy the spectacle offered just before the red lights go out.”

However, while the added ten minutes only meant more time for broadcasters to fill, the decision to hold races an hour later merely added to teams already increasing workloads in terms of pack-up times for the teams which were already anticipating the prospect of more races.

It’s understood that though the move has yet to be officially ratified, the teams have agreed to the plan which would see all European races get underway at 14:00 local time, while events outside Europe will continue to be scheduled for a time likely to draw the biggest audience share.

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