In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo says F1’s plan to introduce sprint races must not dilute the value of winning a grand prix.

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Ricciardo said he was initially concerned to hear about Formula 1’s plans to introduce sprint races, but was reassured to hear they won’t involve reverse grids:

At first I was a little apprehensive, but I do feel better at the thought of that certainly [rather] than a reverse grid. Ultimately if the best guys and the best teams are still coming out on top and it’s kind of not manipulated or artificial, so to speak, then I’m less scared of it.

Competition is obviously what I love most. I would love to do more races and less practice or whatever. So in saying that, it does go towards what I want.

But I think the biggest thing is I want an F1 win to still feel as big as what it should be. I don’t ever want an F1 win to feel diluted or just somewhat lower than what it should. So as long as if they do bring in another race on the weekend, as long as it [still] kind of carries the same value, then I guess I’m certainly more open-minded towards that.

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