In the round-up: Pirelli are confident Istanbul Park’s high-speed corners, including the infamous turn eight, won’t punish F1 tyres as hard as Silverstone, where several failures occured earlier this year.

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Silverstone, 2020
Several tyre failures occured at Silverstone

The Turkish circuit has been resurfaced ahead of this weekend’s race. Pirelli’s head of motorsport and F1 Mario Isola says this will change how demanding it is for their tyres.

Talking about the severity of the circuit, we made some simulations and we have an idea. Obviously, the severity of turn eight is something that we know but we now have a good metric for us to compare circuits.

So we made a comparison between Istanbul and some other high severity circuits; to give you an idea, in general Istanbul is less severe than Spa and Silverstone. So we are not talking about a circuit that has a higher severity compared to circuits that we know better.

The Tarmac is new and actually we went there. Thanks to our people in Turkey, we had the chance to use a laser and measure the asphalt. It is quite smooth, it is very new. If I have to give you an idea of the behaviour that I am expecting, it is probably quite in line with what we have seen in Portimao.

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