Sergio Perez has been given his second reprimand in as many days for an incident involving Pierre Gasly, and is at risk of a grid penalty if he collects a third.

The Racing Point driver was handed his first reprimand yesterday for impeding Gasly in qualifying. He collected a second in today’s race for his late defensive move when Gasly tried to pass him on the approach to turn one.

“The stewards determined that on lap 64 of the race at the end of the main straight, Perez moved in defence at the exact same time that Gasly who was overtaking to the right having slipstreamed Perez down the straight. Gasly’s move was made before the braking zone and was entirely reasonable.

“As Gasly was moving to the right with significantly greater speed, Perez moved to the right and then continued to move in front of Gasly for a significant portion of the track but stopped having left a car width to the inside.

“The stewards noted that earlier this year, the drivers discussed ‘late movement in reaction’ moves and agreed that they were potentially very dangerous. The stewards considered that this move was at the fastest portion of the track, but also noted that Perez did not move in reaction, but rather moved first or simultaneously. Further he is entitled to make a single defensive move, but such a move cannot constitute a danger to another driver.

“In the hearing, both drivers agreed that while on the limit, this manoeuvre was fundamentally okay and constituted racing at the limit. The stewards however, believe that this was too close to that limit and that Perez had not sufficiently accounted for the speed differential. In selecting a penalty, the stewards have taken into account the views of the drivers involved and ordered a reprimand (driving).”

If Perez collects a third reprimand before the end of the year – even if it is for a non-driving offence – he will be given an automatic 10-place grid penalty.

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