This time, his attitude is very different than Valencia, and Maverick Vinales immediately showed his muscles on the first day of practice in Portimao, so much so that he finished in second place and proved to be the fastest of the M1s.

An undoubtedly encouraging start for #12, following the difficulties he encountered in previous races.

I can finally say that here, in Portimao, we have a good chance,” Maverick began. “The goal is to close the season in the best way possible, trying to do a good job. The question, however, concerns the tires, since it won’t be easy to make the correct choice. So, we’ll  have to assess the hard, given that the proposed solutions are similar and, at the same time, the wear.”

Maverick then mentions the tires and tends to clarify the situation.

The medium and soft seem to be underperforming in my opinion. With the hard, however, there’s greater confidence. Compared to Valencia, Portimao is a track with more grip, the bike slips less, and there’s more grip. We certainly need to understand the reason for this for 2021, given that we’ll have to solve the problem.

So Maverick knows what he wants, especially for the race weekend.

It’s not yet time to talk about 2021. What matters now is to close 2020 in the best way possible. As of today, I only won one race, at Misano, so I want to be competitive this weekend.

Portimao is the novelty of the calendar and Maverick doesn’t hesitate to give his opinion.

Turn 1 is very particular. I consider it the most complicated, because you have to brake late, and then you have a long straight. Then there are Turns 8 and 9. Those are tough too. But T4 is fantastic, especially the last corner that takes you to the finish line.


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