Formula 1: Future Tendencies of Self-Driving Cars

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The concept of an autonomous vehicle, better known as a self-driving car, has been around since the early 1920s.

Most recently, 29 states in the United States have passed laws that permit people to ‘drive’ self-driven cars. Every car enthusiast is interested in knowing how long we have to wait before this concept becomes a reality.

This includes the automotive racing world, precisely Formula 1. Currently, there is a motorsport racing competition for self-driving vehicles called Roborace, which features all-electric and driver-free cars. With Artificial intelligence (AI) optimizing computing power, an electric car’s concept is not an impending prospect anymore.
But where does this leave traditional car companies? Better yet, what does this mean for the beloved racing sports across the world, and what should we expect in the years to come?

The following article digs deeper into future tendencies of autonomous cars and their implications.


There is no denying that the demand for self-driving automobiles is on the rise. According to a report published by the Allied Research, the global autonomous vehicles market is expected to grow to approximately $550 billion in the next six years. Just about everyone is interested in what the next decade holds with respect to this industry

In fact, major companies are starting to realize the positive impact that driverless cars would have on society. For instance, a recent survey showed that about 94% of all accidents in the United States result from human error. This means that driverless cars could be a permanent solution to such problems.

But first, what future tendencies should we expect from fully autonomous vehicles?

No more Drivers

First and foremost, expect little to no drivers in the cars. Even today, more and more automotive car manufacturers are testing self-driving vehicles without any motorists in the machines. Such companies include Tesla and Porsche.

The main aim behind such a bold move from automotive manufacturers is to eradicate human error that results in crashes and fatalities. The big question is whether the motorsports world will assume the driverless car concept. It’s kind of hard to imagine Toto Wolf and the entire Mercedes team without Lewis Hamilton behind the machine.

Indeed, the motorsport profession is grappling with many challenges, including the source of power for such and the tradition of eye-catching racers who often attract public attention. But one thing is for sure; there will be a driverless safety car in the years to come. This would promote technology that would see cars race on their own.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Carmakers promise their clients that crashes and fatalities resulting from the same will be a thing of the past. Drunk and careless driving, while behind the wheel will all be a thing of the past. On the roads, self-driving automobiles will definitely be appreciated. But what does it mean for motorsport lovers?

The algorithms used in the development of self-driving cars will be just as good as skilled racers. This means that technology will be good enough to beat racing superstars on the track while avoiding crashes and fatalities. As a result, the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will one day be replaced by AI.

Many consider this sport to be a dangerous one, and rightly so. These machines average high speeds of about 153.84mph, and in wet conditions, this could be particularly dangerous for racers themselves.

Since the start of formula one, there have been over fifty deaths as a result of racing-related activities. The organization has been putting out new safety measures with the turn of each calendar year. But the introduction of driver free formula one cars could be the key to ending track fatalities.

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Collaborations and Partnerships

The concept of a driver-free vehicle is a costly one. From designing to testing, you can almost expect billion-dollar investments to be made. As a result, expect more companies to collaborate or merge with other car manufacturers as a means of minimizing risk.

Recently, Volkswagen and Ford are working towards a partnership that would see them boost their grip on the driver-free automobile profession. The details of the deal are complex but what’s for sure is that these two powerhouses are planning to share each other’s hardware and intellectual property rights.

Currently, the F1 business is an expensive affair with a few teams valued at over a billion dollars. Some struggle to compete as finding sponsors can be challenging. The development of driver-free cars means that it’s only going to get more costly to run a formula one team. So, expect more partnerships and deals by teams in F1 in the years to come.


As the modern world develops immensely, so too does the sphere of cars. This also goes for vehicles in the motorsport’s profession, including F1. In the years to come, expect a lot of changes in the wake of driver-free cars.


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