Formula 1 had to perform a staggering feat of financial engineering to survive 2020, and this month’s Flat Chat podcast from GP Racing magazine counts the true cost of COVID.

Some of F1’s most historic teams – including Williams and McLaren – buckled under the strain but now look set not only to survive, but to thrive with new investment and new goals.

GP Racing editor Ben Anderson and columnist Mark Gallagher join host Stuart Codling to debate the hot topics arising from the newly rearranged landscape. What is Jenson Button’s actual role at Williams? What is McLaren’s connection with Jerry Maguire? And why has the newly rebranded Alpine team ejected longtime leader Cyril Abiteboul?

This month’s GP Racing also delves into what makes the top four drivers on the grid so much better – and what sets them apart from what is already an elite group. Why has Fernando Alonso made the cut when younger stars such as Daniel Ricciardo haven’t?

And in the week Netflix announced that John Boyega is to star in a new film depicting a young Formula 1 prodigy forced into a life of crime, we look back at some of the real-world examples of motor racing roguery. From cash in suitcases to the Great Train Robbery, racing is rich with stories which would sound utterly improbable in the movies…

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