In the round-up: Racing Point technical director Andrew Green is puzzled by Ferrari’s fluctuations in pace between Saturdays and Sundays.

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What they say

Green said qualifying pace is an area where Racing Point need to improve:

It is something we do, like a lot of teams, I’m sure; we spend a lot of time just making sure we get our Sunday afternoon car right and we do compromise our Saturday afternoon, if we have to, for our Sunday afternoon pace.

I think there is definitely something to look at in the way that other teams seem to be able to find pace in qualifying on a Saturday afternoon that we don’t seem to have, and I think a good example of that is Ferrari.

I don’t know where they get that pace from on a Saturday afternoon. But come Sunday, they’re a good half a second behind us, which which is which is very strange.

It’s something we definitely are looking at. We’re always going to be a lot closer on a Saturday afternoon anyway, just because of the way things are but we do seem to, relatively speaking, move forward on a Sunday afternoon.

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