In the round-up: Changes will be made to Formula 1’s ‘WeRaceAsOne’ initiative and the series will review the pre-race anti-racism ceremony which was introduced last year with drivers before the new season begins.

Changes to ‘WeRaceAsOne’

Formula 1 confirmed yesterday its ‘WeRaceAsOne’ initiative will continue in 2021 with some changes, the most obvious of which being the rainbow logo will be dropped.

The initiative was announced last year to pay tribute to those fighting Covid-19 and demonstrate the sport’s commitment to increasing diversity and tackling racism. In 2021 ‘WeRaceAsOne’ will be designated F1’s official Environment, Social and Corporate Governance platform addressing three areas including sustainability and community.

The third will be diversity and inclusivity, which was symbolised last year through the pre-race anti-racism observance which all drivers participated in.

“We used our restart to show that we as a sporting community stand united against racism and are doing more to address inequality and diversity in Formula 1,” said the series in a statement. “This was highlighted at every race with the 20 drivers uniting in their support of ending racism before the start of the race.

“We plan to include a moment before the start of each race this season to show our united support for important issues and will be discussing this with the drivers and the teams ahead of the start of the season.”

Drivers were allowed to signal their support for the in various ways including taking the knee. No decision has been taken yet on whether the practice will continue in 2021.

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