Admitting that reverse grids have been ruled out, F1 boss, Stefano Domenicali admits that the idea of a sprint race on Saturdays is still under serious consideration.

The roller-coaster that was Monza last year allowed Ross Brawn to revive the idea of reverse grids as a means of ‘spicing up’ the action.

Thankfully, the proposal was poo-pooed by just about everyone, team bosses, drivers and fans.

While F1 boss, Stefano Domenicali admits that reverse grids have been dropped, he is still keen on the idea of a sprint race on Saturdays as well as more opportunities for young drivers other than FP1 sessions.

“What we’re looking at is what could be the approach of the so-called sprint race on a Saturday,” he said in a video conference with the media.

“We are thinking if this could be tested already this year,” he admitted. “There are discussions going on with the teams in the right forum, and I think that maybe this could be the only one thing that could be interesting.”

Asked about reverse grids, the response was emphatic: “Reverse grid is over,” he said. “That’s something I can tell you.

“It’s important to think maybe of new ideas to be more attractive or interesting,” he added, “but we don’t have to lose the traditional approach of racing.

“What we learned when we were changing the qualifying every two days was something that has burned our fingers,” he admitted. “So we need to avoid that, and therefore now I think that the format is quite stable.”

Referring to the young drivers, whose roles as test and reserves are currently limited to the simulator, the post-Abu Dhabi test and the occasional FP1 outing, he said: “We need to give attention once again to the rookies, the real rookies.

“Today, with the fact that we have less testing, we need to create chances not only in the free practice, as already is written into the regulations.

“Maybe we can create good events, highlighting the fact that we need to focus the attention on the rookies. We have a very good number of young drivers that are already in Formula 1, but we cannot stop that flow going on.”

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