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Formula 1 has developed a 100% sustainable fuel, with the first delivery of the product already sent to the championship’s engine manufacturers for testing.

With F1 committed to hybrid technology when it introduces a new engine formula from 2026 at the latest, its chiefs believe that huge environmental benefits can be made by becoming a fuel technology battleground.

The FIA will start mandating the use of a greater percentage of biofuels in the short term, but wants F1 to be powered by fully sustainable fuel for the next set of regulations.

As part of its push, F1 has now created a second-generation biofuel variety, which has been exclusively refined from bio-waste that it not intended for human or animal consumption.

F1’s engine manufacturers have been asked to test and validate the fuel to prove that the technology is feasible for use in racing.

Ross Brawn, F1’s managing director of motorsports, said: “Formula 1 has long served as a platform for introducing next generation advancements in the automotive world.

“We are delighted by the momentum on sustainable fuels which perfectly aligns with our plan to be net zero carbon as a sport by 2030.

“Our top sustainability priority now is building a roadmap for the hybrid engine that reduces emissions and has a real world benefit for road cars.

“We believe we have the opportunity to do that with a next generation engine that combines hybrid technology with sustainable fuels.”

FIA president Jean Todt added: “By developing sustainable fuel made from bio waste that can power Formula 1, we are taking a new step forward.

“With the support of the world’s leading energy companies, we can combine the best technological and environmental performance.”

The push for sustainable fuel comes as part of a new FIA initiative to become carbon neutral in 2021 and net zero by 2030.

Todt said: “FIA takes its responsibility in leading motorsport and mobility into a low carbon future to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities and contribute to a greener planet.

“I’m glad that our members clubs approve our environmental strategy that is part of the Purpose Driven initiative focused on the societal contribution of our two pillars.”

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