Alfa Romeo’s new C41 is largely similar to its predecessor and significant areas of the car are unchanged. But there are a few notable differences as these interactive comparisons reveal.

Team principal Frederic Vasseur describes the car as having “the same philosophy as its predecessor”. However the team has been able to make some changes, and other aerodynamic tweaks were required by new regulations intended to reduce downforce.

The most obvious change is at the front the chassis, which features a new and much slimmer nose. The trend for thinner noses has spread across the grid in recent seasons and Alfa Romeo is the latest team to follow the trend. In addition to this changes, Alfa Romeo has also reworked the front suspension on its new car.

The C41 is otherwise largely similar to last year’s C39. Underneath the engine cover lies Ferrari’s new power unit which has been the focus of extensive work as the team and its customers found themselves at a power disadvantage to their rivals last year. Alfa Romeo has also retained the same Ferrari gearbox as last year.

Unlike fellow Ferrari customers Haas, Alfa Romeo continue to develop much of the rest of their car. Some of the other alterations have come about as a result of the new aerodynamic rules. These include the reduction in height of the diffuser beneath the rear wing, as can also be seen below.

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Use the sliders below to transition between images of the 2021 and 2020 Alfa Romeo F1 cars.




Note these images may have been altered for ease of comparison and should not be used as a reference for measurements.

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