In today’s date, majority of people drive cars that run on petrol or diesel and recently, there has been a rise in the sales of electric cars in countries such as the USA, Belgium, Netherlands and now China.

Gradually, the market for electric cars is increasing and now, there are two all-electric racing series as well (Formula E & the Jaguar iPace E-Trophy)!

Model S | Tesla

Model S | Tesla

The number of Electric Vehicles on the road are increasing each year

Many experts have predicted that in the next ten to fifteen years, petrol and diesel cars will be completely off the map and will be nothing more than a relic.

So, this means that everyone will be driving electric cars, or will they?

The big drawback of battery powered electric-cars is that they take an incredibly long time to charge.  A standard 7kW home charger provides 30 miles of driving for every hour of charging. Now that is incredibly slow and tedious when you compare it with the time it takes to fill up a regular, fossil fuel powered car.

2017 FIAT 500e - Electric Car

It takes a very long time to charge an Electric Vehicle

People are preferring to buy EVs as they are more sustainable and they produce zero emissions, which is great for the environment but in truth, it isn’t. The electricity that powers these vehicles comes from power plants which largely pollute the environment.

So, this basically goes to say that driving electric cars is completely pointless as the environment is still getting polluted. But now, Honda has come up with a really smart solution which may change the complexion of automobiles forever.

That solution is a 5-seat family saloon, the Honda Clarity, which looks like any other sedan on the market but instead, it functions like none other.

Honda Clarity

This is the revolutionary Honda Clarity

No, it does not fly or glide on water or turn into a transformer or turn into a bike a the press of a button; the ‘Clarity’ runs on electricity. Now, if you would have heard the same statement about a decade and a half ago, you would have been completely shellshocked and intrigued but today, hearing this seems normal, as if it has been around for a long, long time.

What’s different about the ‘Clarity’ is that it is powered by compressed Hydrogen, which can be filled in at any petrol station that offers it. Yes, I agree that Hydrogen is not so easily available at petrol stations but things are bound to change in the coming years.

This hydrogen is mixed with oxygen in the place where the engine would generally sit. These gases are then processed within the car to create electricity which powers the car. And the emissions? Only water.


Honda Clarity

The Honda Clarity is powered by Hydrogen

Yes, the car lacks the zing that driving brings (pun intended ;D) but yet, you won’t feel disappointed by driving as it operates very well as a family car.

So, if we compare it to the ‘ideal’ electric car in the form of the detested Toyota Prius, the Clarity looks better, is more comfortable, easier to operate and is much, much kinder to the environment.

According to me, this is the future of the Automobile Industry and although it may be a Honda, I have to admit that I am quite impressed with their innovation and strongly feel that Hydrogen-powered cars are the way forward.

Is the honda clarity is a masterpiece or just another electric car? Let me know!


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