When holidays are over and you are back to reality you look down at your belly and think that it’s probably time for you to get back in the gym and work that fat down. It is so easy to overindulge yourself sometimes. But eating right is just one part of the puzzle.

To turn that fat into real muscle requires to exercise. Many people dream about having that big solid physique with good muscle mass all around. But how do you achieve that?

Burning the accumulated fat is the best way to building muscle mass. Studies show that when you have more muscle mass, your resting metabolic rate is be high. This means that when your muscle mass is high, you burn more calories even while resting. It’s almost like an insurance policy against fat.

However, any trainer or someone who has the know-how of gym would know that you can’t build huge biceps just by doing simple curls. You need a well-thought and structured muscle-building program. It needs to be a combination of isolated and compound muscle mass exercises.

Keep the following tips in mind to keep yourself ready.

• To ignite muscle growth, you need to fire up your muscles, so get ready for some heavy lifting

• You will have to do reps and use techniques to increase the intensity of your workouts

• You’ll need to eat properly and maybe take supplements

How Long Should a Workout be?

Normally, your muscle-building program should not last longer than 1 hour. When you lift weights, your carbs and glycone reserves are used up after an hour. A weight training that lasts longer than 1 hour can lead to tiring up your muscles more than necessary. This will cause loss of muscle and strength. So, it’s good that you are enthusiastic but don’t overdo it.

How Many Time a Week Should I Do Weight Training?

Generally, you should not lift more than 4 days a week. Don’t do it more than 2 times consecutively in a week. Take a break for day after 2 days. This is because as we said earlier, you might experience muscle fatigue. If that happens, you won’t achieve good results. You can do a routine like, for example, do chest and triceps on Monday. Make Tuesday your leg day and leave Friday for your biceps and shoulders. Rest on Wednesday and make Thursday your back day.

Once you schedule your workout program, stick to it properly and eat well. It’s not as easy as it sounds but perseverance is the key.

Best Workout for Mass Gains

The following are some of the exercises that are famous for helping you build muscle mass.

Dead Lift

Deadlifting is a challenging exercise but it is very good for building your lower back and legs. It is excellent for building muscle mass and increasing your strength. It is a difficult exercise but it activates all of your muscles. If you are not a beginner and in good shape, you can lift big weights. Just make sure that your back is straight.


Set X Reps

Dead lift

5 X 5

Bench Press

It is a very common exercise in the gym. You’ll see every other person doing it. But it is very effective when it comes to building chest muscles. It is important for per body muscle development and strength building. This compound exercise involves the major muscles in your chest and shoulder. You can bench press on a regular bench but it would be good if you use incline bench for this purpose.


Set X Reps

Bench press

3 X 8

Pull Ups

This is a very famous exercise that is done with your own body weight. It is very good for building your back muscles. It also works for your shoulders, biceps and abs. This exercise is not easy in the beginning, you will really struggle. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it very rewarding. It has so many advantages.
To stimulate different parts of your body, change the grip of angle f your body while you do a pull up. Once you find it easy to do, you can add weights to the exercise.


This is another great exercise that you can do with your own weight. It is very good for the chest. It builds your chest muscles and triceps. Keep your body straight to involve your triceps more. Also, lean forward a bit to involve your chest more. When you feel like you can do it easily, you can start adding weights to the exercise.

Bent-over Rowing

There are various versions of rowing and they are all very good for your back. It is very efficient at building muscles mass. But it is very hard. It helps you develop big back muscles and lots of testosterone in your body naturally.


Set X Reps

Bent-over rowing

3 X 10

Over-head Press

Over-head press is very good for muscle gains. In order to do that you need to get up and do this exercise standing. If you are a beginner, do this exercise with lighter weights.


Set X Reps

Over-head press

3 X 10

EZ Bar Bicep Curl

This one is also a common exercise and you’ll see a lot of people doing it in the gym. But it is very helpful in building biceps. If you do it right and keep a healthy diet, you can grow massive biceps.


Set X Reps

EZ bar bicep curl

3 X 10


Squats are an important part of any workout routine. They target the largest muscles, such as the glutes, in your body. They also involve your hamstrings and quadriceps. So, not only do you strengthen your glutes but your legs too. They burn your fat and also enhance the level of testosterone in your body.


Your dream of achieving that perfect physique won’t be out of your reach with a killer exercise routine. Sticking to that routine is very important though. Everyone’s body doesn’t react the same way. You need to be persistent and patient.

You must take good care of your diet in the process too. Those muscles require protein for growing. One other important thing is to not overwork your body. Make sure to rest in between your workouts. Alternatively, you can buy legal steroids in the US and quickly increase your muscle mass.

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