Safety Car, Istanbul Park, 2020

The F1 safety and medical cars will be supplied by Aston Martin at more than 50% of races for the 2021 season.

RaceFans understands that a deal has been made for Aston Martin to supply the safety and medical cars at 12 of the planned 23 races next season.

A reliable source said that although the existing Mercedes safety and medical cars will not be scrapped, they will feature at 11 of the races, with Aston Martin taking preference for which weekends they will supply their cars for.

It is understood that the decision will be dictated by markets, with Aston Martin expected to pick countries where they have bigger interests, while Mercedes would supply races like the Brazilian Grand Prix where Aston Martin have a smaller market share.

It is believed the medical car at races where Aston Martin supply the cars will be a DBX, which uses the same 4l V8 engine as the current AMG GT R cars.

The Daimler group, which owns Mercedes Benz, recently took a 20% shareholding in Aston Martin.

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