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Franco Morbidelli believes no decision has yet been taken on whether he can have factory-spec Yamahas for the 2021 MotoGP season.

The Italian is currently the only rider on an A-Spec M1, with team-mate Fabio Quartararo, plus official riders Maverick Vinales and Valentino Rossi on the Factory-spec.

Morbidelli’s A-Spec bike is still a step up from the 2019 Yamahas, but doesn’t have the same engine design as the Factory bikes, most visible due to a different shape of air intake.

Nonetheless, the Italian has still taken his first MotoGP race win this season, plus a further podium, to hold sixth in the world championship.

Current team-mate and title leader Quartararo will be swapping places with Rossi next year. But with The Doctor guaranteed Factory machines from Yamaha, Morbidelli’s hopes of an upgrade depend on the Japanese manufacturer increasing its support to four of the latest bikes next year – and Petronas footing the bill.

A technical freeze in place on engine design until the end of 2021 arguably makes the possibility of an extra Factory bike more likely, but some rumours have suggested Morbidelli is set to stay on the A-Spec.

The Misano winner – who feels his ‘satellite bike’ is struggling for top speed even against the other M1s – denied a decision has already been taken, adding that he has made his ‘Christmas wish’ clear to the team and is doing his best to swing the outcome in his favour through track results.

“Well, it’s not said yet that I’m going to have this [A] spec,” Morbidelli said. “I spoke with Razlan and I spoke with Wilco also and Stiggy. I told them what my ‘wish for Christmas’ is already.

“It doesn’t depend just by my performance on track. It depends on some other things. But of course, my performance on track makes a huge difference on the choice and on the level of effort that the team is going to make for me.

“My aim is to control what I can control and put down on track the best performances I can, in order to make the team think very well about the machine that they want to supply to me next year. And make Yamaha think very well about the machine they want to supply us next year.”

Morbidelli was speaking ahead of this weekend’s Aragon MotoGP, where he is confident he can gain in the many twists and turns before inevitably suffering on the 1km back straight.

“I think the potential is going to be good. Long straight but corners as well. We’re going to lose on the straight and catch up in corners. Doubt is going to be will we be able to gain more than what we lose,” Morbidelli said.

“Always the question mark in every track. Not just here but BCN, Le Mans, Misano. Wherever we go this is the question mark. but one thing is sure, we are fast in corners. We have our strong points.”


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