Second win (after Spa) of the N2M2F1* season, complete with flap, for Danny Ric from 3rd place in the grid, in a race where the three drivers on top of the championship (Norris, Stroll & Albon) DNF’d making him the new leader! Anyway a disgraceful decision by the race director (a full SC near the end) robbed us of a mighty bid for the lead from Checo Perez with fresher tyres; had Perez been able to overtake Ric, which seemed likely, he would be leading the championship now.

The N2M2F1 driver classification is still fairly tight, with 5 drivers in a 22 point interval at the top:
01-RIC-134 points
02-PER-125 points
03-NOR-119 points
04-STR-113 points
05-ALB-112 points
06-SAI-099 points
07-GAS-097 points
08-LEC-081 points
09-OCO-071 points
10-VET-050 points
11-KVY-046 points
12-HUL-020 points
13-GIO-016 points
14-RAI-013 points
15-GRO-010 points
16-LAT-006 points
17-RUS-006 points
18-MAG-004 points

And the constructor classification, with only a switch at the bottom, as Grosjean’s 7th position today gets Haas on top of Williams:
1-Racing Point-258 points
2-Red Bull**—224 points
3-McLaren——218 points
4-Renault——205 points
5-Alpha Tauri–143 points
6-Ferrari——131 points
7-Alfa Romeo—029 points
8-Haas———014 points
9-Williams—–012 points

*No Mercs No Max F1
**Being the sole Red Bull driver in N2M2F1, Albon’s points are worth double for the WCC

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